About Glasses for Cats

About GlassesForCats.com. 

What began as a late night Instagram search, gave birth to this lovely site.

But Why?

Cats, our loving feline friends. These lovely creatures adopted humans millenniums ago and made us there employees. As their trusted servants, they trust us to make them look the best they can, and that is why the purveyors this site, Mark and Karen (*That is us), decided to start this page.

At first we were on the Shopfy, but that platform couldn’t provide what we needed so we decided to start our own page here. Slowly building up our cutie Empire and helping individuals make their cats look the best they can.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’d love to see your Instagram photos, pictures, and drawings of your cats wearing glasses.

Thank you and enjoy our web page


About The Boss.

Jude Paw (*The Fist). He is a very patient cat. And as graciously allowed us to try out various spectacles on him at times. Every once in a while, not scratching.